Past Projects


Stonewalk is the story of a two-thousand-pound stone, a 500-mile journey, and a man committed to waging peace. With the help of people in 100 communities, Lewis Randa walked the one-ton “Unknown Civilians Killed in War” monument from Sherborn, Massachusetts to Arlington National Cemetery to raise awareness of the devastating number of civilians killed in war. Stonewalk explores the motivations that spur grassroots performance and captures the emotion of translating belief into action. Activist Comedian Jimmy Tingle says, “Lewis is the only man crazy enough to pull a two-thousand pound stone 500 miles and then make you regret that you weren’t part of the journey.” Stonewalk was broadcast on PBS and won the Alan Fortunoff Humanitarian Award at the Long Island International Film Expo.

Under the Olive Tree

Israeli composer, Yuval Ron, had a vision to bring together Muslim, Jewish and Christian musicians in an effort to show the world the richness these cultures have in common. The ensemble he established works from the belief that we all share one voice in need of giving expression to joy and pain, beauty and devastation, intellect and passion. In the documentary film that follows one of their performances, we witness the role the arts can play in advancing the work of reconciliation and coexistence. The film is based on an understanding of peace not just as the absence of war or violence, but as the presence of respect among peoples and the meaningful embrace of diversity for its positive potential.