Current Projects

Acting Together on the World Stage

The feature documentary offers tools for the creative transformation of conflict by highlighting the work of courageous theatre artists from around the world who are focusing their craft on the violence experienced in their communities. The performances in the film, some of which were enacted in acute circumstance, illustrate that theatre can be an effective resource for non-violent resistance to injustice, for the rehumanization of former enemies, and for healing in the aftermath of mass violence. Acting Together received a post-production grant from the Nathan Cummings Foundation and screened in over 50 venues in 15 countries in its first year. “The film presents such breadth, so much global history both known and erased, so many charged images and rich stories that to properly comment we would either have to sit mute for hours in stunned awareness—or talk until dawn.” –Professor Rena Sharon

Love Our Gov

An artificial debate pitting the standard idea of liberal big government against conservative small government is raging in the USA. This is a false argument which obscures real issues. A brief example: What is the difference between one who believes in tax breaks for the development of a renewable energy industry, or for fossil fuel exploration and modernization? Same citizen tax burden in either case. When it suits our own views and purposes, we all consider our ideas, whether liberal or conservative, to reflect reasonable government. By presenting visual stories of average citizens and their interactions with government, we hope to inspire a knowledgeable citizenry that reaches beyond cynical bipartisanship and becomes involved in innovative, effective, thrifty legislation.